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    Get out and enjoy spring in Heated Comfort


Heated Outdoor Furniture

Enjoy the outdoors year round with our premium heated furniture. Leave Patio Heaters behind and relax outdoors on your deck enjoying spring weather in comfort like never before. Feel the difference and embrace the Wrmth.

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Feel the Difference that Wrmth brings

Our patented thermal core adds controlled radiant heating to furniture generating a warm and soothing experience. Our chairs are built to last and easily replace Patio heaters. Hand crafted in Muskoka from modified stone each offered in a range of colours and patterns inspired by the Canadian shield. Each piece is hand made by skilled craftsman in Muskoka Ontario, we are proudly Canadian.



Our Products

Modern and timeless, inspired by Canadian iconic, materials and colours, each piece is designed and engineered in Canada, to ensure premium quality and craftsmanship. Our furniture will take your outdoor living to new heights reducing the need for Patio heaters. Proudly made by Canadians, for Canadians.

Now introducing Soft Wrmth, a collection of apparel and accessories to enhance your outdoor experience. Made from locally sourced and hand crafted just for you.

Customer Feedback!

These Chairs are feelin good with colder nights.

Chris - Ottawa ON

Customer Feedback!

"OMG! We NEED these!!!!"

A. W. - Coldwater ON

Customer Feedback!

"Heated Muskoka Chairs! Mind Blown."

C.P. - Muskoka ON

Customer Feedback!

"Whooaaa! Stepping up the patio game?"

Maggie - Orillia ON

Chiropractor endorsed

Wrmth chairs provide dry heat, shown as a great way to relieve certain types of pain including, chronic back pain and aches related to osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia. Prolonged dry heat may also contribute to better sleep.

James Kim, D.C. - Toronto

How it Works

Are you a small business owner interested in hosting a Hotspot? Hotspots are a way for local businesses to offer a unique experience for their patrons. Contact us for various pricing options and to learn more about how it will help your business.

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